“Wow! I’ve been honestly overwhelmed at how much you and all of the
healers have given to us. Tremendous value, thank you so much for creating
this great event! I’ve learned about a lot of new healing methods and
enjoyed all of the great energy, enthusiasm, and genuineness brought by the
speakers. You were all also very open about their own issues which made it
easier to deeply connect, even over recorded videos. I’m truly touched that
you’ve given us all of this great information and opportunities and for free. I
love that we’ve been provided with practical tools to take forward for actual
change. I really feel like everyone there truly has a mission to help others.”
“I thank you for providing this summit, and for you and your guests sharing
your training and experience with us. I always find something that I ‘need to
hear’ in these trainings, and sometimes LOTS that I ‘need to hear!'”
“The sessions themselves were great introductions to presenters and material
I did not know or was not very informed about… Still looking for my soul’s
purpose at this stage of my life!
Sheila was a wonderful, clear and deeply
thoughtful host… Thank you and much love”

Launching June 8th-10th!

Special Guest Speakers!

Duccio Locati

Waleuska Lazo

Robert Jackman

Sharon King

Jessica Luibrand

Elisha Clark Halpin

Prune Harris

Peter Bajic

Anne Van de Water

Jamie Alonge

Jackie Bowker

Eric Mellgren

Khalida Sae Kani

Natalie Ryan Hebert

Barbara Santos

David Straus

Sabine Oel-Cocco

Terry Leers

Jennifer Crescenzo

Richard P. Brown, MD

Joann Fuller

Tiffany Barsotti

Wendie Colter

Nicole Tricarico

Isabel Perez & Jun Shimizu

Annie Brook

Mona Delfino

Elena Tonetti